The First Double Color Ceramic Bezel–Rolex GMT Master II Black And Blue


Not only Apple company would play with technology. Rolex Ceramic bezel is definitely is the one. It would reflects different colors. This Cerachrom blue bezel features Rolex Grand Master II. Under the strong light, it is blue but in the dark situation it becomes black. It is adaptable to different situation and looks quite dynamic. In addition, the perfect joint parts cannot be found and it just transforms from black to blue gradually. As to how replica watches rolex produce such a bezel, it remains to be a puzzle. We should know that processing on the ceramic is a tough process and requires dedication.

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The new Rolex GMT Master II has typical Rolex layout that is easy for reading time. The black dial has no obvious texture sense but black color it has, reflecting the blue bezel and GMT hand. GMT hands has an set of contrast design: the hand of the watch is thin and blue while the top of it is big triangular shape with white, arresting luminous materials.


Due to the watch itself, GMT Master II highlight its functions. 3186 perpetual movement is of course a Rolex home-made movement. It does not only pass the criteria of COSC, it also has extra but useful second time zone, and the calendar. The date and calendar set are easy, and it could adjust hour hand quickly, contributing to the different time zone.


It is fitted with three-pieces Oyster bracelet. It is surely helpful in extending the length of the watch, but even Oyster lock is easy to open it, it won’t open if you don’t open it. Another convenience is that the Easylink extension could adjust the length of the watch to suit your wrist. The polishing bracelet is a high-end thing but it is easy to leave scratches here.

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